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With almost all football postponed for the next month because of the coronavirus pandemic, star players have found themselves at a loose end.

With many training grounds off limits, clubs have sent footballers home, where they’re adhering to an isolation period for the next few weeks. How are they passing the time?

ESPN will be keeping a daily eye on what the world’s best are getting up to, as well as how clubs are keeping busy by battling in online competitions against each other.

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1. Cristiano Ronaldo

With the entire family in self-isolation at home in Madeira, Cristiano Ronaldo and his clan have transformed their garage into a makeshift gym in a bid to keep fit.

2. Neymar

Neymar shared a big round of applause (quite literally) for all the doctors, health workers and care professionals who are on the front line at the moment.

3. Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere donned a rather special item of clothing before undertaking his #StayAtHomeChallenge — the very shirt worn by Lionel Messi when Arsenal played Barcelona in 2011.

4. Petr Cech

Petr Cech combines his two favourite sports — football and ice hockey — for his attempt at the toilet roll juggling challenge.

5. Quincy Promes

Ajax star Quincy Promes kept active by playing football with his infant son, not that the Sevilla winger was about to go easy on the youngster.

6. Ben Chilwell

Leicester City defender Ben Chilwell passed a little time by playing a trick on his mum involving four pingpong balls, a wastepaper bin and one raw egg.

7. Martin Braithwaite

New Barcelona striker Martin Braithwaite ventured out into the back garden to have another go at the flamboyant trick he rather embarrassingly botched during his grand unveiling at the Camp Nou a month ago.

8. Usain Bolt

Proving that his footballing skills haven’t deserted him since his career ambitions were dashed, Usain Bolt filed a strong #StayAtHomeChallenge.

We’re going to keep our eyes out for all the latest isolation action as it hits social media. 

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